Music of William Riley-Smith

The Music of William Riley-Smith

William Riley-Smith wrote many songs and sketches for the shows at the Riley-Smith Hall in the 1920s, 30s and 40s. William recorded an album of his favourite compositions in 1947 featuring a piano medley of his songs. Copies of the album were given to the cast as a gift.

The copy of the album which survives at the Riley-Smith Hall was unearthed 70 years after William’s final show – it was discovered by Ivy Gott in the back of a cupboard at her home in Tadcaster. Ivy donated it to the Riley-Smith Hall charity in 2017 for its collection of memorabilia. The recording is a little crackly but very atmospheric. It is uncertain who the pianist is – perhaps it is the legendary Noel Gay – he was the musical director at the 1947 musical revue at the Riley-Smith Hall. You can listen to the recordings by clicking the play icons below.

Track 1:
0:00 The Busker’s Anthem
1:02 Come Let’s Forget All Our Troubles
1:35 Rosie from Rosemary Row
2.19 Polo

Track 2:
0:00 Now the Hall’s Opened
0:45 Hello this is Toulston Calling
1:20 Calcaria (The Roman Town of Tad)
1:58 Those Were the Days
2:30 We’re A Couple of Old Rural Deans
3:01 Thanks Yorkshire